Fixed price service agreement for businesses

Know your service expenses and avoid surprises

Make a fixed price service agreement and know your expenses.

For businesses, it is possible to make a fixed price service agreement when you buy a new SEA-SAFE SOLAS liferaft.

The agreement stipulates that the service costs of the liferaft for following 5 years will be the same.

Following can be added to the agreement;

  • Pick up and delivery of the liferaft. (ADR – dangerous goods)
  • Service of lifejackets and immersion suits (subject to producers)

When you enter into a fixed price service agreement, you also get  10% discount on all equipment that you buy from us subsequently, e.g. lifejackets, lifebuoys, hydrostatic triggers, emergency transmitters, cradles, etc.


  • You know your service expenses during the agreement period.
  • 10% discount on all equipment.

For quotes about the agreement, contact one of our service stations in Fredericia or Stenløse.

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