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Sales conditions

Simple agreements

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The following sales and delivery terms apply to all deliveries from DK-Sea Safety A/S.

The terms apply in cases where no other written agreements have been made, between you as the buyer and DK-Sea Safety A/S.

The fine print

Sales and delivery terms

Documentation and guidance

If there are product descriptions and user instructions for the product, these are included with the delivery from DK-Sea Safety A/S.

If you seek further information or advice from DK-Sea Safety A/S, these are for guidance only.

Delivery and shipping

Delivery of goods from DK-Sea Safety A/S is considered to have taken place, when the buyer have received the goods.

The goods are shipped in agreement with the buyer.


The risk of goods purchased from DK-Sea safety A/S passes to you as a consumer at the time of delivery.


Any errors or defects in any delivery from DK-Sea safety A/S must be invoked upon receipt of the goods. It is your duty to state and, on request, show how the error or defect manifests itself.

If you discover an error, you must quickly contact DK-Sea safety A/S.

As a rule, you can only complain about errors that appear no later than one year after you have received the item. For goods with a limited shelf life, your right of appeal is limited by the shelf life period that DK-Seasafety A/S has offered you.

Prices and payment

All prices are ex. VAT unless otherwise stated.

The invoice states our bank information, payment terms and payment deadline.

If the payment deadline is exceeded

If the payment deadline is exceeded, default interest is added, corresponding to the Danish National Bank’s official lending rate + 7%.

If part of previous deliveries is left as a due balance, the payment term is changed to “net cash”, which means that a new invoice must be paid immediately, unless a new payment agreement has been stipulated.

If payment is not received in time, the 1st reminder will be sent out.

The case is then handed over to DANSK KreditorService A/S.

Exchange of goods

We are happy to exchange purchased goods for other goods, however money will not be returned. Upon exchange, the customer bears all shipping costs associated therewith.

If you have any questions about terms, products, etc., you are always welcome to contact us.