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About LSA

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) is a dynamic company formed specifically for the design and manufacture of high quality Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and large capacity liferafts.
LSA has developed a product that is synonymous with quality and reliability, which is of paramount importance in the marine safety industry.

Complete MES systems

Simply a better system

Much more than the physical product

LSA are the MES Specialists. LSA pioneered direct liferaft access inclined slide based MES and to this day only manufacture MES and large capacity liferafts. Designing, manufacturing and installing high quality, safe & reliable MES is our core business and our exclusive area of expertise.

Global Support

And Lifetime support

LSA provides comprehensive customer support, excellent crew training and continuous support not only at installations, but throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Crew Training

Full MES training of ship's own crew

LSA is designed to be the simplest MES in the world to operate. In an emergency evacuation at sea, simple procedures are essential. Despite its simplicity LSA believes that proper and comprehensive MES crew training is essential to ensure the ship’s crew complete a rapid yet safe evacuation every time when required.

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alle deployments

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